Fine Gardening & Landscaping

With every gardening and landscape project, we tap into the soul of the landscape, revealing its lovely view, genius, beauty, sincerity and benefits in conjunction with our client’s needs and visions.

Full Property Transformation

When it comes to Full Property Transformations, we are
Magic! We come in like a swarm of bees and make it happen! We don’t fiddle-faddle around.

Park Creation

We believe in the power of parks and landscapes to recharge and help us feel better. From sitting on a bench, walking on trails, or sprawling out on the grass — such simplicity can wash our spirit clean. We can turn your private or public property — redwood grove, empty lot, or forested acres — into a park setting.

Tree Care & Forest Restoration

How we treat our trees and forest is a mirror reflection of how we treat ourselves and others. We can prune, limb, shape, thin out / space, cut back, lift, top and reduce remove unwanted trees.

Brush Clearing

We are passionate about brush clearing. We love helping reclaim properties and keeping people safe.

Weed Whacking

Weed whacking uncovers a refreshing, more inviting, and safer foundation of Earth’s contours on your property.

Property Cleanup

We offer complete property clean ups, clean outs, demo, dump runs, dumpsters, gravel road / pad building and repair, heavy equipment services, pressure washing, roof cleaning and more.

Land Conservation

“Protecting land is essential to environmental health and to our community’s well-being and economic vitality. We are here to be of service in helping safeguard land for future generations.

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A vital part of the Humboldt and West Coast experience is our stunning landscapes, a shared source of inspiration that unites us all. Skilled management and effort help keep a healthy relationship between nature and its inhabitants. Humboldt Shire is committed to improving the community through landscape, service and experience.

We Will Transform your Property

Humboldt Shire is your go-to in Humboldt County for outstanding landscape maintenance, property transformation and helping in conservation projects. Whether you need fine landscaping & gardening, weed abatement, tree service, brush clearing, property cleanup, fire mitigation, forest and land restoration, trail making or park creation services, we have you covered.

Since 2005 Humboldt Shire has committed to being trusted stewards and guardians in supporting the preservation, transformation, uplift and maintenance of our community’s relationship with nature. We work on residential, farm, commercial, land trust, fire council, conservancy, tribal, public works and other government properties.

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Fine Garden & Landscaping

Garden & Landscaping Design, construction, installation, maintenance, enhancement and removal. We service Humboldt, Trinity, Mendocino, and Del Norte Counties. Based in Eureka, CA.


Full Property Transformation

We bring back the most trashed, unkempt and overgrown property to a clean and manicured perfection.


Park Creation

Have a private Redwood grove, empty lot, or brushed over property? We can design and implement the changes to create a wonderful park setting from start to finish.


Extreme Brush Clearing

We cover the full spectrum between residential brush clearing with hidden keep-sake plants all the way to wild land brush & tree clearing — while keeping restoration sensitivities in mind.


Fire Mitigation

Our top priority is the safety of your property, investment, and family. We have experienced certified wildland firefighters to help with your property’s fire mitigation before it’s too late.


Tree Care & Restoration

Whether its one tree or a full forest restoration, we have you covered. We can prune, coppice, limb or entirely remove unwanted trees.


Fruit Tree Pruning

Whether its one tree or an orchard that needs a trim or prune, we got it… “A seed hidden in the heart of an apple is an orchard invisible.” — Welsh proverb


Weed Whacking

We have a world class crew when it comes to weed whacking. We have a small fleet of top of the line Stihl commercial weed whackers to tackle any project.



When it comes to the smallest, tallest and longest hedges that need a trim, major reduction or complete removal, we are at the ‘cutting hedge’.

humboldt land conservation

Land Conservation

Humboldt Shire protects natural lands and their ecosystems and return them back to their original natural condition.

We Do the Heavy Work

We take full care of your property.

We believe a person’s property is a sanctuary to be respected with caring attention, mindfulness and hard work.

Free Consultations

We offer free consultations for landscaping, fire mitigation, property cleanup, weed whacking, brush clearing, and tree care services within our regular service area. We look forward to meeting you and taking care of your property.


” Hey Colin — your guys knocked it out for sure! Very Grateful! “

— Adam, Arcata CA

” I just want to say again how impressed we are. I want to make sure that they are the guys to come when I have work to be done. I also want to give each a tip on top of the bill. “

— A & M, McKinleyville CA

” I wanted to thank you and the crew for the really excellent job you all did on our fields. “

— Susan, Arcata

“We are very impressed by your crew. Hard working and very efficient.”

— Sasha, McKinleyville CA

” They’re just fantastic and I really want to schedule them back. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate their work. They’re just absolutely wonderful.”

— Polly, Carrlota CA

” They did a great job! We’re super happy and excited that they’ll come back and do it again. “

— Diana, Arcata CA

” The guys were very sweet and polite and hardworking! I’m really pleased with the results. Thank You! Thank you! “

— Debbie, Eureka CA

It was a resounding success! So needless to say, I really, really, really, really, really, really appreciate you and your crew!

— Brian, Arcata CA


Thank you! Great Crew! We will have you back! “

— Shirley & Pete, Eureka CA

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