Property Cleanup

We offer full property clean ups, transformations, dump runs, demolition and power washing services in Humboldt and surrounding counties. We clean up and quickly revitalize distressed properties that are newly purchased, foreclosed, or pre-listed.

We can help with commercial sites closing down or moving location.

We make old Grow Sites disappear, no matter the size. Hard to reach properties are not a problem!

We have a 12X6 ft high sided Dump Trailer, and have access to 40 cubic yard dumpsters for your hauling needs. Leave your Junk for us – Trash, Old Furniture, Estate Leftovers, Mattresses, Appliances, Fencing, Metal, Construction Materials, Wood Piles, Big Logs, Green Waste, Hazardous Materials etc.

We also offer Demolition and Dismantling — taking down Home Additions, Walls, Sheds, Fencing, Decks, Play Structures, Green Houses, Hoop Houses, Grow Rooms, Business Shelving and more. And we can work on Gravel roads and pads from start to finish — grading, leveling, rut repair, water diversion, culverts, road base application, skid steer, tractor, backhoe, and roller work.

It would be an honor to clear your clutter.

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Complete Property Cleanup Services


  • Hauling away all your Junk

  • Brush Clearing, Blackberries, Hedges, Overgrown driveways

  • Tree Cutting, Chainsaw work, Stump removal

  • Take down Old Grow Sites, Greenhouses, Hoophouses

  • Demolition – Home Additions & Walls

  • Dismantling – Sheds, Decks, Fencing, Play Structures

  • Gravel Road and Pad Grading, Leveling, Rut Repair, Culverts

  • Skid Steer, Tractor, Backhoe, Roller work

  • Pressure Washing

  • Roof Gutters, Sweeping and Moss Removal


Fence Lines, Uneven Ground, Steep Inclines
Huge Sloped Fields Not Accessible by Mowers, Property and Structure Fire Lines, Working in Drizzle and Light Rain


Protection of Nearby Windows
Being Mindful of Trees & Keepsake plants
Taking Responsibility for Mistakes

A little bit of Poison Oak, Not a Problem


A Forest of Poison Oak, it’s a Problem. Get a goat.

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We use professional tools — chainsaws, pole saws, rakes, pitch forks, lines, Stihl weed whackers, brush cutters and safety gear, etc.

We have 4×4 Trucks, a 10-yard Highside, a 12×6 ft. Dump Trailer, and a 12×6 ft Utility Trailer for your hauling needs.


Serving all of Humboldt County

  • Strong Work Ethic, Communicative, Punctual, Accommodating, Professional, Personable
  • Business Licensed. Contractor Lic. Submitted & Pending. Fully Insured with Liability Insurance & Bonded
  • Crews of 1-6 Available
  • 4 Hr Minimum Per Crew Member
  • 4 X 4 trucks, dump trailers and a 12’x6′ Trailer for Hauling
  • 5% Discount for Seniors 75 or older and First Responders

Glowing References upon Request

— Our Highest Priorities —
Customer Service, Satisfaction & Safety

— Clients Include —
Arcata Fire Department
Reggae on the River Festival

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We’ll come to your property and offer a free consultation.