Tree Care & Restoration


Do you need help with trees that need to be pruned, limbed, shaped or cut down? Or perhaps you have Forest Restoration and Fire Mitigation needs? We can climb large trees, thin forests, reduce fuel loads and manicure ornamental trees and fruit trees. We have Certified Sawyer Class B (FALB) unrestricted national OHLEC Fallers and Class B bucking specialists and experienced groundsmen on the crew.

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We Care about the Trees


✫ Tree Falling, Bucking, Limbing and Processing
✫ Tree Climbing, Bucket Lift Operations, Specialized Rigging
✫ Ornamental Tree Care – Pruning, Crown Lifting, Lowering, Thinning, Reduction, Shaping, Removal
✫ Fruit Tree Pruning, Shaping, Topping, Disease Diagnosis & Treatment
✫ Forest defensible space / fire mitigation management
✫ Fuel Reduction- Remove Dead Trees, Limbs (Fire ladders) & Brush
✫ Forest Thinning, Selective Thinning, Tree Spacing, Continuous Vegetation
✫ Removal of Slash and Debris Left from Thinning
✫ Redwood Tree Sucker Removal, Stump Removal
✫ Large Hedges & Brush – Topping, Shaping, Removal
✫ Hauling, Chipping, Burn Piles, Hauling


  • Restorative Pruning
  • Species Specific Pruning
  • Getting rid of dead, dying, and diseased branches.
  • Pruning out clusters, acute angles and crossing branches.
  • Remove suckers and vertical water canes from the trunk.
  • Promoting outer lateral growth.
  • Opening to increase air flow.
  • Crown topping, lifting, lowering, thinning, reduction, shaping, removal.
  • 45 Degree 1/4″ cutting from bud points on ends
  • 3-5 node weight bearing limb cutting
  • Applying tree sealer to larger cuts
  • Large limb removal
  • Espalier Training
  • Disease diagnosis and treatment
  • Disinfecting tools from tree to tree to help prevent the spread of disease.
  • Organic fertilizing available
  • Clean up
  • Hauling
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  • We use professional tools — chainsaws, pole saws, rakes, pitch forks, lines, Stihl weed whackers, brush cutters and safety gear, etc.

  • We have 4×4 Trucks and a 12×6 ft. Trailer for your hauling needs.


Serving all of Humboldt County

  • Strong Work Ethic, Communicative, Punctual, Accommodating, Professional, Personable
  • Crews of 1-7 Available
  • 4 Hr Minimum Per Crew Member
  • 4 X 4 trucks, dump trailers and a 12’x6′ Trailer for Hauling
  • 5% Discount for Seniors 75 or older and 1st responders

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Customer Service, Satisfaction & Safety

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Arcata Fire Department
Reggae on the River Festival

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