Caring Neighbors Program

We created the Caring Neighbor’s Program because we genuinely care for our neighbors and community. We envision a robust Caring Neighbors Program which supports and further encourages neighbors to help neighbors. If we all chip in, we can make a difference, right in our neighborhood.

How Caring Neighbor Program Works

With the intent of keeping the neighborhood tight, if you and at least one other neighbor (not a direct family member) know of a neighbor experiencing physical and financial hardships and is the primary caregiver of an overgrown property, we can all chip in to help maintain this property. Contact us. Especially in a situation involving high fire risk or other security risks.

One day per month, through the Caring Neighbors Program, we offer a full day of services from a crew of up to 6 at a 50% Discount on Labor and Hauling costs.

Get more than one neighbor involved. Make it a caring neighbors collective.

If everyone shares the cost, we really are demonstrating the power of community and the conviction that everyone has the right to feel safe and not live in an extremely neglected environment.

 The more caring neighbors, the more impact we can have.

We would love to hear from our community’s caring neighbors.

If interested in our Caring Neighbors Program call or text us.

Together we can make a difference.

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