Park Creation, Management & Implementation

Parks come in many shapes and sizes. We can help create parks in private and community settings, within Redwood groves and small forests, under-used areas, and empty lots.

Creating a park involves a team effort and a collaboration of different skillsets. We can do many tasks ourselves – such as simple design work, making trails, trail stairs, trail edging, rock and bark application, brush removal, tree lifting, grading/leveling, bench seating, paver fireplaces, basic landscape lighting and assembling of play equipment.

We have relationships with landscape architects, landscape designers, hardscape experts, a creative concrete crew, electricians, craftsmen, and water feature specialists. The scope and needs of your park project will determine which of our business partners will join the dream team to make your vision a reality. 

Park creations is a dreamy passion that we always look forward to learning from.

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Serving all of Humboldt County

  • Strong Work Ethic, Communicative, Punctual, Accommodating, Professional, Personable
  • Business Licensed. Contractor Lic. Submitted & Pending. Fully Insured with Liability Insurance & Bonded
  • Crews of 1-6 Available
  • 4 Hr Minimum Per Crew Member
  • 4 X 4 trucks, dump trailers and a 12’x6′ Trailer for Hauling
  • 5% Discount for Seniors 75 or older and First Responders

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Arcata Fire Department
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