Fire Mitigation & Defensible Space

Humboldt Shire can thin your forest, reduce fuel load (dead wood, fire ladders) and turn brushed-over areas back into a safer landscape. We encourage you to not be that property that firefighters have to give up saving during a wildland fire because of poor fire mitigation management.

For help maximizing your fireline defensible space on your property, we offer free inspections and services covering zones 1, 2 & 3 of your property that comply with CAL FIRE’S Title 14 Code of Regulations: Article 5.

We have decades of combined expertise of wild land firefighters, certified tree fallers and veteran CCC (California Conservation Corps) members on the crew with numerous certifications:

— Fire Fighter Type 1, 2, (RXCM)
— Prescribed Fire Crew Member
— S-190 (Intro Fire Weather)
— All 11 certifications for S-290 (Interm Wildland Fire Behavior)
— L-180 (Human Factors on the Fire Line)
— ICS-100 (Intro to Incident Command System)
— IS-700 (National Incident Management System Introduction)
— S-211 (Portable Pumps and Water Use)
— S-212 (Wildland Fire Chain Saw)
— Aerial Rescue for incapacitated climbers certification
— Pack Test (3 Miles under 45 minutes with 45 lb. pack)

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We got you covered — No sweat! OK maybe a little.


  • Free Fire Mitigation Inspections
  • Removing Trees and Bushes on or near walls
  • Lower & Higher Tree Limb Removal
  • Selective Tree Thinning & Tree Spacing
  • Removal of Slash and Debris from thinning
  • Fuel Reduction of tall grass, brush, fallen trees and limbs
  • Reduction of Overgrown Landscaping
  • Large Acreage Land Prep for Controlled Burn


Fence Lines, Uneven Ground, Steep Inclines
Huge Sloped Fields Not Accessible by Mowers, Property and Structure Fire Lines, Working in Drizzle and Light Rain


Protection of Nearby Windows
Being Mindful of Trees & Keepsake plants
Taking Responsibility for Mistakes

A little bit of Poison Oak, Not a Problem


A Forest of Poison Oak, it’s a Problem. Get a goat.

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  • We use professional tools — chainsaws, pole saws, rakes, pitch forks, lines, Stihl weed whackers, brush cutters and safety gear, etc.

  • We have 4×4 Trucks and a 12×6 ft. Trailer for your hauling needs.


Serving all of Humboldt County

  • Strong Work Ethic, Communicative, Punctual, Accommodating, Professional, Personable
  • Business Licensed. Contractor Lic. Submitted & Pending. Fully Insured with Liability Insurance & Bonded
  • Crews of 1-6 Available
  • 4 Hr Minimum Per Crew Member
  • 4 X 4 trucks, dump trailers and a 12’x6′ Trailer for Hauling
  • 5% Discount for Seniors 75 or older and First Responders

Glowing References upon Request

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Customer Service, Satisfaction & Safety

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Arcata Fire Department
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